To express our gratitude for your gracious support, ALTMINING.SHOP is providing a FREE International Shipping & Handling on all orders. We offer International deliveries to the whole world and have customers coming from all around the globe!

Due to HIGH demand, we dispatch items in 5-10 business days from the day of your order, sometimes much earlier. We will email you immediately as soon as your package is dispatched. Please do not contact us regarding your shipping status before 10 business days from the date of order. 


Crypto Payment – We accept crypto as an payment on our website, due to the high transaction speed and low cost this is the best option for our customers at the moment. We have multiple crypto’s you can choose from.

Important Billing Information

  • We partnered up with a strongly recognised ssl secured crypto payment provider, who offers a secure payment environment ensuring all our customers information is carefully protected and never disclosed. So we do not collect any payment information whereby no personal details will ever be stolen.
  • All sales are final. No refunds or Exchanges are excepted.
  • We use Address Verification Software to ensure the billing address you enter matches the address on fil. If they do not match your payment will be declined.

 What Should I Do If Payment Failed?

If you have any trouble with your payment contact us at

Payment Failed Notice:

  • “Do not Honor”: Your crypto wallet refuse the payment, sometimes this happens when attempting international transaction online, please try again another time.
  • “Not sufficient funds”: Please make sure you have enough balance on your assets, sometimes your chosen crypto coin may charge a fee for currency exchange.
  • “Failed”:Failed too many times, try to pay again after 24 hours. Or change another wallet.
  • “Exceeds withdrawal amount limited”: Please call your wallet administrator.
  • “Invalid Message”: Please check if the name, contact info, billing address are correct.