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Are you done searching for a GPU for your gaming PC? are you done paying these ridiculous resell prices? the we have the solution for you!

We from Altmining.shop just want to give everyone a fair change, the people that want a strong gaming pc so they can play there favourite games, or the miners that want to mine some altcoins with the best equipment. What you do with the equipment is up to you we are here to help you buy one!

We have a different range of GPU’s from Nvidia and AMD to actual mining stations like a helium miner.

Note: we are not official partners with these company’s, we are a webshop that “resell” these items for a fair price! (no resell price nonsense!)

What you see is what you get!

We put a lot of effort to ensure that every singel GPU is new and unopened, Every single Gpu in our store is the best of the best. same quality, best price!

About us

Altmining.shop is an IT product and service provider for users that want to mine crypto or want a sick gaming PC. We are committed to offer the best products and services to our customers. How do we do this? Well we have a range of the best GPU’s made by the worlds largest and best leading GPU manufacturers, Altmining.shop offers the best of both worlds to offer its customers the optimal mining experience.

Altmining.shop Is created for you and your wallet!

Altmining.shop started on online marketplaces, now its time for our own website to give our own community a platform! We offer the best perfoming GPU’s for the best price, the products are completely new and not used. We buy in bulk so that automatically means we can provide our customers with the best prices. (no resell price nonsense!)

Come take al ook in our store right here.

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